We are not your average Chiropractic office! Due to our commitment to excellence in offering health and wellness to our clients, we have continued to seek the best in treatment modalities, as well as continued our post-graduate training in the Chiropractic fields.

After 40 years of practice as a chiropractor, having seen thousands of patients, having continued and upgraded my continuing education and professional certifications, I have come to recognize that people seek alternative therapies outside the “conventional” medical approach for one simple reason: many of the alternative therapies work. And, each of these different therapies are effective with different types of conditions. As you visit these pages on my site, you will find some of the best techniques available in the fields of Chiropractic, Energy Medicine, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Lab Reports, Allergy Testing, Vitality Assessments, Graston Therapy, Orthotics. . . .the list goes on.

You can discover our Services Offered here. Although no one individual patient would require all of these therapies, the wide selection of services do ensure that the most effective “package” of therapies will be available to effect healing for the patient.

The rapidly emerging field of Energy Medicine is at the forefront of the offerings in our clinics.

Did you know that we are currently practicing out of three offices? The addresses to each of those clinics, along with maps and hours of operation are listed in the column to the right. Since we offer such a diverse set of modalities, we have practitioners that specialize in certain techniques, and with differing certifications and licensures.

Of course, after reading through our site some questions may arise.

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Dr. Bernie Finch, DC