When one watches a practitioner of QEST, (Quantum Energetics Structured Technique), there are some interesting parallels.  QE is an off-shoot of AK (Applied Kinesiology). When MSA points are scanned it looks as if the person were using a touch screen on an I pad. Whenever repairs are programmed it resembles pressing enter on a computer.  By the same token perusal of a category of repair codes can look like a direct TV menu application!  Somatic reference points and repair applications of them again resemble the use of applications on an I phone or touch screen.

An observer could reason that the creators of QEST tm  have used the above mentioned technology to make their creation conform to computer technology  This observation would be perfectly valid given the present state of electronic data storage and application.  But the question is, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?”

The truth is the above mentioned techniques in QESTtm antedates the computer applications.  Practitioners of QE were using these applications before they became available to computer users.This observation is strong evidence of universality in the way information is stored and applied.  It has been said that everything can be expressed by the application of mathematics.  BAK the original QE researcher observed that he was using the human body and brain (and mind sic) as if it were a computer.  He made this observation when PCs first came out before the above mentioned applications were universally extant.