Dr. Bernie Finch, DC

Listed below are some of our testing and treatment modalities. Take some time to examine some of what we have to offer:

Health Consultation

People from various places in the United States are frustrated by the difficulty in finding someone local with whom they can talk about natural health care. In the last three years, I have been doing consultations by phone and often we ask the patient to fill out a Patient Diagnostic Questionnaire, which gives us a good history of their situation. We often order blood studies in their local area. We use a national lab and we can order blood studies in all the states. With the history, Patient Diagnostic Questionnaire and the blood studies we can often do a lot to advise patients relative to nutritional programs and lifestyle changes. We can advise as to just exactly which supplements are the most helpful to create biochemical adjustment toward health.

Comprehensive Blood Studies

The studies that are done in our office are done through a national lab and we do not do brief studies as a general rule, but rather thorough studies. Most blood studies that are done in the current insurance dominated climate are designed to decide just what medications to give. This is not sufficient to evaluate the full status of health. The panels that we do make it possible for us to look at the blood building capabilities, the immune system capabilities, the likelihood of allergies, the function of the fat and sugar handling, kidney function, liver function, protein metabolism and thyroid metabolism. Most diseases have definite tracks that are shown by blood studies and also early development of disease shows signs of either less than ideal or more than ideal activity in the organ. Nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes can be prescribed that will readjust the body’s biochemistry into the ideal range.

Hormone Panels

Hormone panels are done based on blood, urine and saliva. These tests are difficult to obtain in many areas of the United States. These tests can be difficult to interpret. It can be difficult to put together a natural program based on the results. However, this is done constantly in our clinics. The saliva and urine tests are usually sent home with a patient and the kit is then sent to the lab. The results are sent to our office and a report is prepared. Female hormones are often in disarray in cases of breast abnormalities, PMS, menstrual difficulties, fibroids, breast fibrosis, mood swings, depression and weight control issues. Males also can have hormonal tests that may be very helpful in maintaining appropriate life function.

Food Allergy Testing

Often, people ask me if I can do food allergy testing with muscle testing. Over the years, I have found that this is an inappropriate way to determine food allergies. The only appropriate way I know of is to take blood, send it to a lab and have that blood combined with the antigens that cause allergies and measure the response. All substances that are taken into the body are essentially foreign to the body and the digestive system changes them into elements that will become the patient’s body. Some substances are difficult for patients to assimilate. Some people have inherited the tendency to reject certain substances.

The testing that we do not only tells us what the patient is allergic to, but how allergic they are. It may be moderate, mild or severe. After the testing is done, a very complete report is given and the patient knows exactly what to do. We give a report of findings here in the office based on the report that comes from the lab that does the testing.

Most patients are helped to remove offending foods or substances, medicines, dyes and other foreign substances from their diet, thus making it possible to begin to stop the vicious cycle of allergic response. Patients are then trained in ways to rotate their diet to avoid further allergic response and how to re-introduce foods into the diet as they are de-sensitized to that food.

Nutritional Support For Seriously Ill Patients

Often, people who are struggling with HIV, cancer, old age, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or other debilitating diseases have no one to help them with their nutritional support. It is not sufficient just to take medications for these maladies. Rather, each of these maladies has accompanying nutritional aspects that need to be thoroughly analyzed and a program put together for it. At our clinics in Red Wing and Pepin, we do this on a regular basis.

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST) has been in existence for almost 30 years. It was developed by 5 Chiropractors who were Acupuncturists and Applied Kinesiologists sitting with one of the instructors of Applied Kinesiology from the International College of Applied Kinesiology. In time, it became a system in and of itself. It is a trademarked and organized system. There are practitioners throughout the United States who have either been trained by myself or in Institutes that have been started by myself or started by graduates of my own Institute. Much of the work that is done is of an acupressure or a nutritional aspect. A patient will find that there is a beginning, middle and end of that type of care and when the care has been delivered, each joint, each muscle, each organ has been challenged for less than ideal activity and has been stimulated toward more ideal activity.

Of all the modalities that are available in our office, the bedrock of our clinical success has been based on the elements that are contained in Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy.

Another aspect of QEST is the adjustment of soft tissues, particularly the gallbladder, hiatal hernia, inguinal hernias, common bile duct and pancreatic duct. Abnormalities of function of these structures are some of the most common causes of strange symptoms that baffle patients and clinicians alike throughout the world.

Frequency Specific Micro Current

Frequency Specific Micro Current is a type of therapy that has been around for quite some time. It was used early in the first half of the 20th century in the United States. Because of misunderstanding of it’s function, the Food and Drug Administration stopped its use. However, in Europe the use continued and was developed. As time went by, more understanding of the electromagnetic nature of physiology caused the modality to return to the United States again. The most common use of Frequency Specific Micro Current is a tens unit, which is used for nerve pain. The generator is set on the frequency of a pain active nerve. The electrodes are placed on the roots of that nerve and the machine is turned on and the pain is thereby stopped. Most people who watch sports have seen basketball players and football players who have electrodes placed under the uniforms and would put tens units to work during half time or when they have been taken out of the game for a few minutes.

This pain treatment is only one of the many things that FSM can be used for. Basically, the principles under which the therapy works is that it acts upon resonance. Every physiological function of the body, be it normal or abnormal, has a certain frequency or resonance. It is possible to dial micro current machines to the resonance of the anatomical part or physiological function and assist the body in its attempt to return to normalcy. A number of professional sports teams use micro current as do a number of different medical, chiropractic, osteopathic and naturopathic health centers.

Micro current is used to assist in healing and the prevention of pain. We have been using this micro current for 10 years. We find it to be very helpful for a wide variety of situations. An example of what can be done with micro current is the rehabilitation of the nervous system after concussion. Inflammation in specific body parts, muscles or organs can be treated by setting one of the channels on the frequency that is designated for the body part and the other channel set on the frequency that delineates the type of problem. Because of the resonance, co-operation between the therapist and the patient can also help determine what is wrong and what needs to be done. In short, Frequency Specific Micro Current is sub sensate in that other than resonance, mild vibration, pulsation or some heat the patient has no uncomfortable sensation.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Upon reading our website a person might notice that many services delivered in our clinic are above and beyond what is expected from a chiropractor. Most chiropractors are known for adjustments of the spine. Actually, my primary training and licensure as a chiropractor has been in spinal manipulation, extremity manipulation and soft tissue manipulation. There are times when patients might ask what method of adjusting I use. My early training was in Gonstad adjusting and I am very aware of that manipulative work. Beyond that, we use the activator method. I took that training from Dr. Arlan in the late 60’s. I use this on patients that are in special need of low force adjusting. I also use SOT blocking and DeJornette blocks.

The adjusting procedure that fits my practice the best is motion palpation. Motion palpation is essentially an analysis of the appropriate body parts, the spine and all the other articulations of the body and adjustments that are delivered to reestablish that appropriate motion. The emphasis is on function of the joints and body parts. In our office we use both a TriWG activator table and a Lloyd drop piece table, which allows us to use very low force to approximate articulations of the body. Hard force does not need to be applied to either the body of the patient or the hands of the practitioner.

Periodically, patients come to us with specific needs or specific dislikes about how they are adjusted and we are usually able to adapt to whatever that is. There are people who do not like to have their neck adjusted in the supine position and we can do manipulation in a seated position just as well. Furthermore, cervical adjustments can be made without osseous release in a two-step mode that is painless and comforting.

It has been my experience that the chiropractic adjustment is still the bedrock of what chiropractic is all about. People who come to us sometimes want chiropractic adjustments only and we have people come who want nutritional counseling only. It is my experience that the people who have spinal adjustments that are appropriate always do better in the long run than people who allow subluxation and nerve interference to continue.

Acupuncture (MN)

When acupuncture came to the United States in the early 70’s, it seemed strange and somewhat like voodoo. At this juncture, acupuncture has been utilized in the United States by various practitioners including acupuncturists, medical doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors. It no longer seems quite so strange. The general consensus, however, is that acupuncture uses needles. Needle therapy is in reality only one way of delivering acupuncture.

Acupuncture is essentially a philosophy of care rather than a modality of treatment. Acupuncturists tend to look at the body as a network of energies, which are interconnected and interdependent. Acupuncturists seek to balance that energy. In this office, we use electro meridian imaging for diagnosis, as well as muscle testing and palpation. Once the appropriate points are found they can be stimulated by hand, ultra sound, laser, with needle, teishein, Guasha or electro probes.

One of the tenets of acupuncture is that there are points on the outside of the body that can be stimulated and affect changes on the inside of the body. This seemed strange to us in America 35 years ago. Most people now realize that there are interconnections between the skin and the inside of the body. These connections are explained as embryological memory. The points on the skin have grown from the same basic cells along the primitive streak in the fetus. These points have a memory that at one time they were the same cell as the liver, kidney and so forth. Acupuncture is helpful for relief of pain, for balancing of difficulties that arise with seasonal stress, emotional distress and organ dysfunction..

Electro Meridian Imaging

Electro Meridian Imaging is a diagnostic technique developed by Dr. Nagatoni in Japan to replace pulse diagnosis for the practitioner of acupuncture. In this system, a sensor is placed on certain key points on the hands and feet. These points are the where the energy turns from coming down the body and goes in the other direction on the body. Readings at these turns, indicate energy channel malfunction as in energy blockage or energy excess. After the examination is done, a computer program is printed that gives a three dimensional picture of what is going on in the upper and lower body and a prescription for acupressure or acupuncture can be designed.

Seasonal Balancing

The Chinese have long taught that at the times of the year when the weather changes from either Spring to Summer or Summer to Fall or Fall to Winter or Winter to Spring that this is disturbing to the energies of the body. It is our practice in this office four times a year to do a careful of 30 primary points that show this imbalance. Once these points have been determined, they are stimulated by the practitioner in this office. The patient is then given a chart to take home and stimulate these same points at home for 30 days. This makes the change of seasons much more bearable and is appreciated by people who have experienced it.

Vitality and Longevity Assessment

One of the most helpful diagnostic tools in our office is the body index analysis plethysmograph. We prefer to call it Vitality and Longevity Assessment. Whenever patients are feeling unwell or improvement starts to occur, the parameters of this examination begin to change. The examination is inexpensive, painless and can be done at any time in the office. It tells us about the speed of regeneration and destruction of cells in the body.

The test manifests a measurement of the permeability of the cell membranes and blood vessel walls. Measurement is made of the electric charges in the body. Basal metabolism is measured to know just how many daily calories the patient burns at rest. Hydration is checked as well as the placement of the water. Water should be inside the cell where the action occurs, not outside the cell. If less than 60 percent of the water is inside the cell, this is an indication of toxicity. Sometimes, a person is going through a toxic crisis. Water will move from the cell and edema will ensue. This test very accurately measures this.

The VLA also measures the amount of muscle mass each person has. Muscle tissue makes energy. This is the engine that powers the lifestyle. We want a high power engine rather than a slow, tired, draggy engine. Most patients are aware that this test also measures the amount of stored energy or fat. Sometimes, when the patients gain muscle, some weight is gained and to gain muscle is always good.

When the VLA shows that the health is faltering, we will then ask questions about quality of sleep, energy level, amount of water intake, dietary habits, how much exercise, how much stress and the patient’s general attitude toward their health. Usually, this progress analysis will show just what the problem is when health is deteriorating. By the same token, when a person’s health begins to improve, the VLA is the very first indicator to show improvement. The test is highly recommended for anyone who wants an assessment of their vitality and just how long and how well they will live.

Ultra Sound

Ultra sound is used in our office. It is a modality that excites electrons with a beam of sound that goes a few millimeters into the skin. We use it a lot with swollen discs, torn muscles, sore muscles, nerve irritation and joint problems. It is also used as a preparatory therapy for adjustment or Graston therapy.

Graston Therapy

Graston therapy is a development that has been around in the chiropractic and physical therapy world for about 15 years. Actually, Graston therapy is based on some of the principals that were developed by acupuncturists in the use of the Guasha. Graston therapy as it is done now is taught in the certified program authorized by Therapy Care Resources Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana. The doctor in this office has received both the basic and advanced training and has 10 years and hundreds of hours in use and application. Graston therapy is used for myofascial pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle pain, muscle spasm, muscle scar tissue, surgery scar tissue and a number of other applications.


Orthotics are inserts that are put in the shoe. These are not generic, but are custom designed for the patient. We have been doing this for more than 35 years. We take impressions and examination of the feet and have an appropriate orthotic built to put in the shoe. We prefer full length orthotics. We also have sandals and shoes including work shoes, casual shoes and sports shoes built for our patients who have special needs for support.

It has been my experience that most people somewhere between 40 and 60 begin to show a need for an orthotic to support the feet. If the feet are improperly sustaining body weight, problems can go into the knees, hips, low back, dorsal spine and neck. Adjustments last much longer in a person who is wearing orthotics. Orthotics can be designed for specific sports needs and work occupations. Farmers who get their feet wet in the dairy barn, athletes who sweat heavily or women with painful feet who want to wear dress shoes are some examples.


Naturopathy, a system of health care, has been around longer than chiropractic. It is based on ancient herbalism and natural cures that have been practiced by indigenous people. The Christian scriptures say that the plants are for the healing of the nations. For the most part, the practice of Naturopathy is the use of herbs and plant remedies as a part of a nutritional protocol to help patients with health crisis.

Formal training in Naturopathy has been taken by the Chiropractor in our office and we also have a staff member who has completed the entire Naturopathy program at Clayton School of Natural Healing. There are other states where naturopathic physicians are licensed to practice Naturopathy as primary care. Naturopathy is used in our office as an adjunct to the practice of Chiropractic. Naturopathy usually also includes the practice of homeopathy.

Intestinal Health and Leaky Gut

The gastrointestinal tract is routinely defined as a “a tube approximately 28.5 feet long, running through the body from mouth to anus.” The function of the intestine in protecting our overall health can be compared to the atmosphere surrounding the earth. They both have a role in protecting our environment. The intestinal wall is coated with hundreds of different species of microorganisms, both healthful and unhealthful bacteria. They number in the billions. This rich, protective coating of microorganisms acts in concert with the physical barrier provided by the cells lining the intestinal tract. It helps provide the body with important filter-like protection.

Damaging substances such as unhealthy bacteria, toxins, chemicals and wastes are filtered out and eliminated. This helps factors needed for life, such as nutrients and water,to be absorbed into circulation. Nutrients are then made available to the billions of cells in the body. In a healthy state, small sugars, fats and proteins are absorbed through the intestinal wall to circulate throughout the body. Damaging substances from unhealthful bacteria, incompletely digested food, toxins, or chemicals are largely prevented from being absorbed and transported throughout the body.

Unfortunately, we have developed bad habits that promote imbalance in our intestinal tract. Lethal to the bacterial world inside us is the overuse of antibiotics. With the discovery and implementation of antibiotics, the world believed that infectious disease would be conquered. But, over-prescribing antibiotics has become common. Every year over 35 million pounds of antibiotics are consumed by humans, livestock and poultry in the U.S. The overall effect has not only been destruction of the healthful bacteria in the human intestinal tract, but also the establishment of strains of harmful bacterial resistant to antibiotics. When helpful bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, harmful bacteria may proliferate in the intestines. The balance of the bacterial population may then be tipped in favor of bad bacteria, resulting in production of a large variety of toxins in the intestine. This may also contribute to virulent infections that may not be contained to the intestine and may infect other areas of the body.

Other factors induce unfavorable effects on the intestinal lining itself. The lining is the structure the bacteria live on. These include alcohol abuse, raw eggs, raw oysters, sugary foods that promote bacterial infections in the intestines and diarrhea. Aspirin and other pain reliever consumption also damages the intestinal lining. Widespread consumption of a diet high in fat and refined sugars, deficient in nutritious, whole, unprocessed food and fiber, contribute to the imbalance of the intestinal tract. This type of diet could promote the overgrowth of unhealthful bacteria and the proliferation of yeast or fungal organisms. This type of diet leads to less frequent bowel movements or even chronic intestinal bowel dysfunctions. This breakdown or deterioration in the physical integrity of the intestinal wall is known as “leaky gut syndrome”. Mucosal cells atrophy and no longer touch each other. Absorption of bacteria goes up and undigested food particles and toxic waste sent to the intestine by the liver for excretion escape through the mucosal network and are reabsorbed.

Recommendations for Optimal Intestinal Health

Natural health doctors have long supported intestinal health by consuming natural probiotics in the form of cultured dairy products like yogurt, kefir and fermented milks. “Probiotic” refers to friendly bacteria that beneficially affect the balance of the intestine. An example is lactobacillus acidophilus. Dietary fiber reduces the amount of bacteria crossing the intestinal wall and getting into circulation by almost 90%. Make sure that a good diet includes pure water. Tap water containing chlorine may destroy healthful bacteria in the intestine. Eat a diet rich in whole unprocessed, nutritionally adequate foods and fiber. Consider adding fiber-like fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to your diet. FOS is food for friendly bacteria, but not for the harmful species. Avoid antibiotic treated foods.

If you have any questions or comments on any of these therapies, or would like some information on some other type of therapy that we haven’t mentioned, please feel free to contact us.