• What are the types of “chi”/energy and what are the sources? – Cohen pp 34ff ‘The Way of Qigong’.
  • Chi is life – everything is alive – force – “when white men think they see anything is alive – they kill it — Little Big Man’s Grandfather.
  • ‘The Apostle Paul quoting a Greek Pagan philosopher.’ God in whom we live and move and have our being’. Acts 17:28.

I. Types & Source A. Breath Qi from respiration

1. (Include H2O)

2. Pollution is a concern

B. Food Qi from diet

1. Diet insufficiency is a factor

2. Food allergy is a problem

C. Original Qi from DNA

1. Parents as a source

2. Universe as a higher source

D. Internal Qi in the body, (cultivated there)

1. Chi Gung

2. Ba Duan Jin

3. DHEA (Precursor to all hormones)

4. DNA (Internal code to all physiological existence)

Note: discussion of DNA (our internal code) pp 51ff, The Way of Qigong Kenneth S. Cohen

E. External Qi exiting the body – excreted while doing healing by touch

F. Protective Qi energetic barrier against external pathogens

1. Purple aura for protection

2. Ring pass not – password

3. This is the reason for order in MSA

4. Lurking Pathogens

G. Nutritive Qi

II. Ways To Measure Energy – Chi – Ki –Qi

1. Flows inside meridian not from a diet source.

2. Refers to its quality of feeding the channels/meridians with energy

A.  EMI (Dr. Amaro & Dr. Nagatani)

1. Levels of energy on average as to high and low

2. Splits are large differences between left and right

3. Imbalances between low and high from average

Measures energy (chi) at the source points

B. MEAS (Dr. Cua’s product)

1. Measures channels as EMI does

2. Gives additional information relative to:

a. Mental energy

b. Muscles/skeletal system energy

c. Metabolic function energy

d. Autonomic nervous system energy

e. Average chi/energy volume between all systems

Average Energy Value

All 24 points number add them together, divide by 24

Autonomic Nervous System

Add each group number:

Right hand:  1) Lung, Pericardium, Heart 2) S intestine, Triple Heater, L intestine

Left hand:     3) Lung, Pericardium, Heart 4) S intestine, Triple Heater, L intestine

Right foot:    5) Spleen, Liver, Kidney 6) Bladder, G bladder, Stomach

Left foot:       7) Spleen, Liver, Kidney   8) Bladder, G bladder, Stomach

Choose the highest group number; divide by the lowest group number.

Mental Energy

All hands points add together, divide by all foot points add together.


All Yin points add together, divide by all yang points add together.

Yin points:     Lung, Pericardium, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidney

Yang points:  S intestine, Triple Heater, L intestine, Bladder, Gall bladder, Stomach

Musculoskeletal system

All the right side points (hand + feet), divide by all the left side points (hand + feet)

                       Dr. Luke Cua

C. VLA  

1. Energy charge in the body – Impedance Index –

2. Rate of cell turnover – phase angle

3. Permeability of cells – capacitance

4. Flexibility of blood vessels

5. Water distribution

a. Active water

b. Toxic water

6. Muscle mass

7. Fat mass

III. The Flow of Chi

A. The start and end points of all meridians are on the fingers, toes, face, and chest.

B. These points on extremities are called Tsing (well) points

1. Where energy reverses to return in opposite direction.

2. Stimulating these points is magic for the debilitated or elderly.

C. Source points are on the wrists and ankles and are

1. The place where energy surfaces to the skin.

2. The source of EMI and MEAS diagnosis

3. Physiologically compromised (10) source points can be treated. Basic 1 point acupuncture

D. An example of meridian flow Energy starts at Lung 1 at the Pectoralis. It flows down the inner arm to the thumb nail. At this point the energy goes inside the hand and goes to Large Intestine 1 on the fore finger nail. Energy then surfaces at Hoku Large Intestine 4.

E. Treating Meridians

1. Luo or balance point

2. Stimulation point

3. Sedation point

4. Horary point

5. Direction or intention


11 p.m.-1 a.m.        Gallbladder

11 am.-1 p.m.         Heart

1 a.m.-3 a.m.        Liver                                  1 p.m.-3 p.m.         Sm. Intestine

3 a.m.-5 a.m.        Lung                                  3 p.m.-5 p.m.         Bladder

5 a.m.-7 a.m.        Large Intestine                    5 p.m.-7 p.m.        Kidney

7 a.m.-9 a.m.        Stomach                             7 p.m.-9 p.m.        Pericardium

9 a.m.-11 a.m.       Spleen                                9 p.m.-11 p.m.      Triple Burner


East                       South                     Center                    West                 North

Spring                     Summer                  Late Summer           Autumn              Winter

Liver                      Heart                      Spleen                    Lung                  Kidney

Gallbladder              Small Intestine         Stomach                 Lg. Intestine       Bladder

IV. Protocols for Normalizing Chi (Energy) in your practice/body

A. QE – Fix what you find

B. Three point protocol

1. Master Luo for balance L & R

2. Stimulate L1 for stress a (bilaterally)

3. Stimulate K27/28 Bi master point of spine (bilaterally)

C. Seasonals – 39 major points disrupted by climate

1. Do 5 X per year

2. Change of seasons & Indian                                                                                             Summer = 5×1. Do 5 xs per year

3. Any climate challenge

a. travel

b. unseasonable weather

4. Check with a ten challenge (10)

5. Stimulate 50-100 cycles

6. Repeat daily 2 weeks at home

      D. Source points

1. Do EMI or MEAS

2. Check with ‘ten’ code

3. Stimulate each + point 50-100 cycles bilaterally

4. You can choose 1 point on every client to treat

E. Tsing points for debilitated client

1. Could get a 10 on some of them – do ALL

2. Could make clinical decision to treat, work with no            + code

3. 50-100 cycles

4. Small points – you may need a smaller instrument

F. Intelligent movement – type of moving to cultivate and unifying one’s Chi

1. Chi Gung – over all name for many disciplines of health

2. Tai Chi – martial arts of Chi Gung – good for intelligent movement

3. Yoga – from India – a pre-ancestor of above

4. Warm ups – Sifu Ray Howard’s Chi Gung Tai Chi DVD

5. Recommend Yang Yang

G. Meditation – Standing, sitting, lying

1. Alignment ~ remove body chi obstructions

2. Relaxation ~ lower stress release body tension

3. Grounding ~ drawing chi from the magnet earth

                        V. Work shopping for Intelligent movement to cultivate Chi – ‘Just     Move – Paul Lin Lac

                              A. Warm up exercises – Hayward DVD

         B.  Chi Gung with breath

1. Moving meditation

2. In & out to gather & release chi

3. Builds chi

4. Reverse breathing

C. Example Movements

1. Begin tai chi

2. Repulse monkey (in yang form)

3. Cloud hands

                          D. Eight Brocades Handout

 E. Standing Meditation

1. Alignment

2. Relaxation

3. With breath

4. Sweet saliva & air

                                               VI. Why Restore DNA & DHEA

A. Stresses – points of entry

“The challenge of the USA is to live a spiritual life in the chaos

they call a civilization” ~ Djwhal Khul   (paraphrase circa    1930)

1. Temperature and humidity

2. Chemical – environment – alcohol – coffee

3. Emotional anger, frustrate, depression

4. Electromagnetic – the magnet we live on, lunar influences, solar flares

5. Nuclear – airplane, x-rays, radiation from nuclear sources

                            B. Chemicals of stress

1. Pituitary ACTH adrenocorticotropic Hormone.

2. Sympathetic norepinephrine, epinephrine, adrenalin

3. Adrenal – cortisol – blood glucose – insulin – WBC

4. All of these have shown to be adversely affected by stress

C. Stress interrupts the DNA – Qi from parents and original source.

1. DHEA disruption – Precursor of all hormones

2. DNA disruption compromises original Chi

3. This can cause most common diseases – Autoimmunity, cancer, coronary disease,

depression, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s,   Parkinson’s

VII.   Introducing the Rings

Ring of:

Fire – DHEA – Mother of all hormones

Air –   neurotensin ~ affects central nervous system & brain

Water – aldosterone/adrenal & stress edema hydration concentration

Earth – calcitonin metabolism/bone

Crystal – free radical reduction

                       All address DNA – code of life!!!!

Work-shopping the Rings

              Stimulate by:

          1. Needles

2. Gua Sha Rod

3. Tapping or rubbing

4. Holding

5. Magnets

6. Stimulation as needed or AM & PM

7. Fingertip stimulation

8. Application of essential oils is being developed by Norman Shealy MD

                Have clients do this at home & give them a client copy

Teach Warm upTeach Chi Gong

Teach standing meditation

Proper nutrition

Do Seasonals 5x per year

                                                                             In practice

1. Annual/quarterly check up including the above.

2. Self help at home

3. Teaching by DVD

Dr. Bernie Finch, D.C. ~ Updated 10/12/12