Summary of last lecture

Three years ago I did a survey of the various forms of energy medicine. Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Reflexology, AK, Chiropractic, Meditation, Chi Gung, QEST, etc.

Tenants of QE: 

1. MSA – areas of ‘mental control for health & maintenance of body    functions

2. Hierarchy – order of repair/sorting things out

3. Codes – “DD” “definite diagnosis”

4. Energy repairs

a. Energy with direction

b. Energy with duration

c. Energy with both

d. Manipulation

e. Mental directives

I. Observations about QE

A. Almost everything we do is an intervention directed at some kind of injury. A repair as opposed to a treatment.

B. Where do these injuries come from?

1. Birth trauma

2. DNA developmental defects?

3. Environmental stress?

a. Seasonal

b. Inclement weather

c. Unseasonable weather

    d. Travel through time/climate zone

4. Nutritional deficiency/mal-absorption

5. Travel on the magnet/earth.

6. Daily trauma/accidents

7. All of the above.

C.  What if you met a person who needed no QE repairs?

Tarzan type or baby of intact mother.

1. What would you do?

2. What if they had health concerns?

3. Fix what you find.

a. Cranium, MSAs, CV/GV

4. Put them on automatic/then observe and follow through

5. What about varied levels of intactness/”success”/ and length of time in holding repairs (2M222)?

II. QE’s Genealogy – Historical backgrounds that underlie QEST

Acupuncture principle of treating problems/energy/injuries by stimulating widely disturbed points on the surface of the body/skin.

Applied Kinesiology treatments found by muscle test
chart & therapy localization.

Essentially the therapeutic goal of AK is to restore

strength to a weak muscle.

1. The 5 Tenants to restore strength to a weak tested muscle

a. Neurolyphmphatic point – connection

b. Neurovascular point connection

c. Intervertebral forearm connection

d. Acupuncture connecting point connection

e. Nutritional factor

2. Therapy localization with mm test (one tap)

3. Organ muscle effect

4. Muscle organ effect – added later

5. No differential diagnosis

a. Keenan – developed early QE

b. Beardall – developed hand modes

6. Breaking circle of symptoms (chiropractic and the spine)

C. Chiropractic

1. Spine in line you’ll be fine

2. Subluxation theory

3. Breaking the symptomcycle

D. QE as the Grandchild of the above therapies

1. Hierarchy of body functions under MSAs

2. Somatic reference points – used in several ways

a. Alarm point

b. Treatment point

c. Monitor point/Rubrics connection between body    parts

d. Evaluation point in exam

3. Observed effects in QE are the same as AK to a point

a. Organ muscular/effect nerve/lymph vascular energy

b. Muscle organ effect

c. The SymptomLoop – one code affects another body area

d. Specific diagnosis with repairs in order of MSA, Rubrics, double tapping – new!

e. Lasting results – new!

4. Codes

a. Challenge for definite diagnosis

b. Conditional Code

c. Preliminary Code

d. Pertain Code

III. Source of Somatic Reference point

A. Cellular migration from primitive streak in morula
B. Embryological memory
(See developmental illustrations)

C. Body divided by energy/meridian development

1. Left

2. Right

3. Horizontally in center


OK we now know we are working with energy or Qi or Chi- what is this life force?


At this point I will share with you exciting new energy research from

Dr. Norman Shealey:

The Rings!

Ring of:

Fire –  DHEA – Mother of all hormones

Air – Neurotensin – affects central nervous system & brain

Water – Aldosterone/adrenal & stress

Earth – Calcitonin metabolism/bone

Crystal – Free radical reduction

All address DNA – code of life

Dr. Bernie Finch, D.C. ~ updated 11/15/12


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Practitioner’s Handbook of QE – Supplemental Codes 2004

Practitioner’s Handbook of QE

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